Photo-realistic 3-D renderings provide a vehicle for clientele to pre-visualize how an event will look, from staging and scenic backdrops to lighting and audio placement.  The variety of this Timecode service can extend to other platforms of business, from virtual tours though real estate, schools and hospitals to architectural landscaping and renovation projects.


The world of social media marketing is driven by video.  From client testimonials to promotional vignettes promoting events and conferences, Timecode has the experience and knowledge to capture, edit and package your project into a final cut that can be distributed across any social channel; from Twitter and Facebook to You Tube and LinkedIn.

Create your own virtual set for streamed conferences! Virtual Conferences are on the rise. Engage your virtual conference with a 3D virtual set.

Dare to be Unique...

Timecode Films brings creativity at affordable prices. We produce television commercials, social media videos, corporate videos, training films, product or service introduction films, motion-graphics for live-event production, lower thirds, dynamic opening or closing credits for films, 3D Animation and Renderings, on-location shooting, interviews, real-estate videos, and promotional videos. GIVE US A CALL ABOUT YOUR NEXT PROJECT!

Full Editing Services

We love 360! We shoot in full 360 as well as renderings. 

Need a lift? We now produce 4k drone footage. Fully licensed and Insured.


Anything is possible in the digital edge.  Where you were once hampered by time or budget, Timecode Creative has the ability to transform any visual effect to enhance motion pictures, television, and commercial video.  If you have the vision, we have the direction.

Live Streaming Events / Conferences

Video Production Services